Corporate History

The history of Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited ("AAIHL") can be traced back to 1968, when the late Dr. Pang, Kam Chun (“Dr. Pang”) founded a sole proprietorship to undertake the subcontracting of construction work for building projects within the private sector. This sole proprietorship was succeeded by Chun Wo Construction and Engineering Company Limited (“Chun Wo Construction”) in 1974. Chun Wo Construction was one of the principal operating (wholly-owned) subsidiaries of AAIHL, whose shares have been listed on the Main Board (stock code: 00711) since the 12 February 1993. Throughout its years of development, AAIHL Group has expanded its business segments beyond construction activities to include Property Development and Investment, and the provision of comprehensive Security and Facility Management Services in Hong Kong. In March 1996, leveraging on the construction and property development activities of AAIHL Group, Chun Wo Hong Kong Limited (“Chun Wo HK”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAIHL, and Dr. Pang acquired City Security Company Limited (CSL) to provide ancillary security services to members of AAIHL Group in Hong Kong.On the 31st of January 1997, City Security Company Limited (CSL), successfully obtained its first Security Company License, allowing for the Provision of Comprehensive Security Services. Since then, City Security Company Limited (CSL) has expanded its customer base to include Comprehensive Facility Management Services, and in November 2000, they successfully acquirred the majority interest in City Professional Management Limited (CPML) from two independent third parties.