Safety Culture Award Certificate 2024

City Professional Management Company Limited with Housing Authority (HA) estate, Yung Ming Court in Tseung Kwan O, were awarded the Safety Culture Award Certificate to recognize organisations and contractors that adopt safety culture approach with integration of some key elements of “Vision Zero” to enhance their safety management.


Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM) 2023 Award Ceremony

Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM) is a social innovation platform organized by Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) connecting the government, corporate, social enterprise and volunteer to strengthen the development of social entrepreneurship, as well as the promotion of ethical consumption in Hong Kong. City Professional Management Limited ("CPML") awared the [Social Enterprise Supporter Award] .Demonstrating the concept of "heartfelt cultivation and support for social enterprises" and contributing to the community.


Provision of Property Management Services for "The NASCenT"

"The NASCenT" transitional housing project located at 2160 Kam Wui Road, Kam Tin, Yuen Long  with 1,028 units which provide urgent need of assistance to improve accommodation. Starting from February 2024, City Professional Management Limited will provide property management services for the project which provide the residents a comfortable and safe living environment.



The Signing Ceremony for Property Management of "The NASCenT" project

The Signing Ceremony for Property Management of "The NASCenT" project was held at 18 Kam Wui Road, Kam Tin, Yuen Long in 6th February of City Professional Management Limited (CPML) provided property management services for the Kam Tin Transitional Housing Project in Yuen Long. The signing ceremony was officiated by Mr. Lui Kin MH, Executive Director of the New Council of Social Service Foundation, Chairman of the Transitional Housing Governance Committee and a member of the Yuen Long District Council, and Mr. Andrew Cheng, Acting Chief Executive Officer of City Services Group.

As the first batch of property management pioneers recognized by the Property Authority, CPML will fully support the Government's land and housing policy and continue to provide quality property management services, with the objective of enabling the residents of the transitional housing at Kam Tin, in order to provide comfortable environment.